From January 2017, the EC changed the rules of applying for the HR logo. The new procedure is the result of discussions with experts in the field of human resources management and representatives of institutions that implemented the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers and received a European award. Consultations with experts have shown that changes are needed to increase the quality and effectiveness of the activities undertaken by the institutions and introduce comparable standards throughout Europe. The new rules provide for the introduction of:

specific time frames for particular stages of implementation of the Charter and Code principles, e.g.

  • a year for sending Internal Analysis and Action Plan from the moment of sending to the EC statements of support for the principles of the Charter and the Code (which will be obligatory),
  • visits of foreign experts to the institution to assess the progress of work, greater emphasis on open, transparent and qualifying candidates recruitment processes (Open, Transparent and Merit-Based Recruitment (OTM-R)),
  • cyclical evaluation of the institution to increase the quality of undertaken activities and demonstrate the integrity of the European HR strategy with the internal policy of the institution,
  • required forms to be completed with detailed descriptions of procedures and activities:

Template 1: Gap Analysis – form for internal compliance analysis of 40 rules of the Charter and the Code with the regulations in force in the institution + table of compliance of recruitment processes with the principles of Open, Transparent and Merit-based Recruitment,
Template 2: HR Strategy – Action Plan – form with information about the institution (e.g. number of employees, including foreigners, sources of financing), planned activities in the field of implementing the principles of the Charter and the Code and the principles of open and transparent recruitment processes (OTM-R);
Template 3: Internal Review – form to be filled in for periodic assessment (2 years after receiving the logo) and for periodic evaluation every three years from receipt of the logo; the form is similar to Template 2, but you should provide updated information in it;

A report was prepared on the Commission’s request Shaping the future of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers – HRS4R containing a description of new procedures along with form projects.

Preliminary tips have been prepared and made available with a description of the new strategy for applying for the logo and tips for experts assessing: “Draft GUIDELINES is the implementation of the ‘strengthened’ Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R)“.

Institutions starting the process after 2017 will have to use new forms according to the new rules.