HRS4R work group meeting – 31.08.2018

On 31 August 2018, the next meeting of The IUNG-PIB implementation working group for the HR Strategy for Researchers and the policy of open and transparent recruitment processes (OTM-R) took place.

The meeting discusses the results of the independent experts’ evaluation sent on 22 August 2018 by the European Commission (interim assessment), regarding the 24-month implementation period of The HR Strategy for researchers (HRS4R) by IUNG-PIB.

The team analysed the state of activities planned in HRS4R for next years, including those which could not be implemented so far due to the lack of dedicated funds in the Institute’s budget (implementation of the anti-plagiarism system). Also agreed was the activities allowing for the establishment of an internal audit group that would monitor the Working Group’s activities on an ongoing basis and their compliance with the provisions of the Charter, the Code and the OTM-R principles.

E-tool for HRS4R

All new institutions applying for the  European Commision HR distinction from 15 May 2018, submit applications in electronic form via the official platform of the European Commission – HRS4R E-tool. Institutions that already have the award and provide reports on implementation will get access to the platform in September 2018.

New service for employees, PhD students and candidates for researchers at IUNG-PIB

One of the key elements of the HR Strategy for researchers is access to information. These are both information about recruitment and regulations in force at the unit.

The purpose of the service for the IUNG employees is to collect and regularly update the content that may be useful to the scientists of our unit.

I am asking everyone who is interested in co-creating the IUNG HR platform:

  • transferring information to the portal that could be interesting for you,
  • posting new ideas and possible improvements regarding the website,
  • sending interesting scientific information, legal changes and others that may be of interest to the scientific community of our Institute. I hope that the service will be helpful to you.

Monika Kowalik – HR Strategy coordinator, website administrator