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Webinars in local language:

Elsevier provides key webinars in local languages. Check also the section of webinars in English to get more.

Bulgarian | Croatian | Czech | Polish | Romanian | Slovakian | Ukrainian

Webinars in English:

Local language webinars are not included here, click above to check what is available in your language.

Content solutions: Cell Press | Ebooks | ScienceDirect

Medicine and chemistry solutions: ClinicalKey | Embase | Reaxys & Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry

Research evaluation and management: FundingSciVal | Scopus

Research workflow: Research publishing | Reference manager and research network (Mendeley)Journal Publishing & Institutional Repository (Digital Commons) | Remote Access

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The Elsevier 2019 open publishing programme completed

The Elsevier 2019 open publishing programme has been completed – a pool of 500 articles has been used. Authors who have volunteered to change their 2019 open access publications and fit into the available pool will receive individual messages in the coming days with links to a form where you can change the way you publish.


Information from WBN – 8th January 2020.

E-learning platform under HRS4R on EC website

The European Commission has made available an e-learning platform for institutions applying for the European “HR Excellence in Research” award as well as for those at further stages of implementation of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers.

The platform contains 70 short instructional videos showing the technical aspects of applying for the HR logo step by step, such as creating an account on the EURAXESS website, obtaining the position of HR administrator, as well as instructions for filling in forms at each stage of the assessment after receiving the award.

In addition, introductory videos contain basic information about the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, the benefits of implementing HR strategies in institutions, as well as an outline of the entire process, requirements and principles of evaluation by experts at each stage.

The films are available in English. A transcript is also available for the films.

Link to the e-learning platform (the platform is available as the 4th tab on the EC website).