On September 21, 2018, on the NCN website, a letter was published by the Director of National Science Centre (NCN) regarding the so-called “Predatory magazines”. These journals are often published in the form of “Open Access” </ strong> for significantly inflated prices, with a negligent editorial process. An important issue is also the lack of NCN approval for the publication of articles created as part of projects financed by the National Science Center – the consequence may be the return of funds from the publication and removal of such publication from the report. <! – more ->

Link to the article and letter (PL):

https://ncn.gov.pl/aktualnosci/2018-09- 21-letter-director-NCN-predatory-journals

Exciting articles explaining the principles of such magazines and references to interesting sources, including websites on this subject were published by dr hab. Emanuel Kulczycki on his scientific blog (PL).

http: / /ekulczycki.pl/teoria_komunikacji/grantu-z-ncn-u-nie-rozliczysz-publikacja-w-drapieznym-czasopismie/

http://ekulczycki.pl/warsztat_badacza/wykaz-czasopism-przunktowanych-i-drapiezni-wydawcy /

An updated list of “predatory journals” so-called Bella List </ strong>: